Academix provides high quality, result driven, content based tutoring suited to the unique and individual needs of each student we work with.

All students are matched with a tutor based on their level of knowledge, gender and learning style. All students receive access to a range of supplementary learning resources to use with their tutor and independently.

Academix has a variety of options available to ensure tutoring is accessible to all students, from primary school to university.

The benefits of Academix include:

  • Variety of tutoring options available catering to all budgets
  • No booking fees
  • No contracts
  • Personally screened and interviewed tutors
  • Tutors carefully selected to meet the needs of each student


"Highly recommend Academix. My 13 year old son was failing maths and in only one term, improved out of this world!!! As a mother it was amazing to see in such a short time his confidence levels and dedication improve so much. He has such a different outlook on school work now and I couldn’t be happier."

-Sarah, New Beith

"I have absolutely no reservations, nor hesitation, in recommending Academix to anyone looking for quality, results based tutoring. The tutors supplied for my daughter during her time at high school, have all been friendly & relaxed, yet totally professional in their approach, & the report card results have always been the proof of that quality. I look forward to our continued relationship during her important, & final year.“

-Murray, Albany Creek

"Andrea has been tutoring my 2 daughters for the past 5 years. Both my daughters relate well to Andrea and value her teaching skills. During this time Andrea has been extremely patient, inspiring and constantly striving to help my daughters. We also value her flexibility, as sometimes we have to change classes due to other commitments. Andrea is always happy to oblige.”

-Nicole, West End

"Having worked as part of the Academix team for over two and a half years, I have had the opportunity to help a number of students enjoy and grow throughout their journey through school. It has been a pleasure to work for Andrea, as it's clear that she is passionate about student learning. I would encourage tutors looking for work to contact Andrea at Academix and become part of a growing team that is enthusiastic about supporting young learners."

Lisa, Academix Tutor

"Andrea has been tutoring our daughter for 2 years. She has helped our daughter stay on top of her high school maths and science subjects. She is fantastic tutor, and our daughter really understands the way she teachers and explains things to her."

-Sharon and Mal, Carindale

"Tutoring has really helped my education and it has made me excel in my knowledge of maths and has helped me achieve higher grades in high school."

-Jack, Year 8

"For 6 years, Academix has played a pivitol role in the success of all three of our children and their ability to process and understand mathematics. Their grades have improved twofold! Andrea has an ability to engage her students by presenting problems from a different perspective. There is instant relief on their faces when they just "get it". When the kids are anxious regarding assignments and exams, Andrea is only a phone call away. We owe much to this very gifted and talented lady who has a magical way with teens. Thank you Andrea!"

-Linda and David, Wishart

"Since joining Academix at the start of 2016, I have enjoyed every second of it. I couldn't have asked for a better team to work alongside. They have all taught me so much and have been a pleasure to work with."

-Kyle, Academix Tutor

"Andrea has tutored both my children in Year 11 and 12 Maths A and B. Thanks to Andrea both children improved in their marks which was a fantastic result. Andrea is very patient tutor and has a great way in relating to the kids. They understand her and can relate to her which makes tutoring sessions enjoyable. She always goes that extra mile in helping whether its checking an answer via email or checking up on their results after an assignment or exam. Andrea is professional in her approach and I would highly recommend Academix to anyone seeking tutoring. "

-Jacqui, Mansfield

"I’ve been receiving tutoring for the past 4 years in accelerated maths/ maths B, which has definitely helped me develop my skills and understanding of the subject more than I ever thought I could. The tutors are always friendly, encouraging and very knowledgeable, and make me feel confident and comfortable. With their help and support I’ve been able to keep ahead in the subject and have achieved and maintained the highest marks possible."

-Taylor, Year 12

"We have been using Academix Tutoring for the past 5 years and I could not recommend Andrea and her team more highly. The dedication, patience and compassion she shows to each and every session is exemplary. My children have excelled with their school work and are more confident to be able to tackle problems they would have shied away from previously. I have recommended Academix to many of my friends and know that they are equally as happy."

-Paula, Holland Park

"I like tutoring as it helps me become more confident with myself and helps me to believe in what I can do. My tutor has really helped me excel and improve my grade in maths throughout high school."

-Ruby, Year 11

"I thoroughly enjoy tutoring with Academix Tutoring. The team is incredibly supportive and understanding. Andrea is an exceptional employer, who understands the need for teachers to have autonomy and independence in their own practice. She is also able to provide excellent support and guidance when needed. In particular, Andrea’s knowledge of each individual student is comprehensive, and she shares this information with her tutors. As such, I was able to immediately set to work with my students, because I already had a deep knowledge of their knowledge and abilities before starting tutoring. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Academix Tutoring and have felt valued and appreciated as a member of staff. What a wonderful experience!"

-Phoebe, Academix Tutor

"Tutoring has helped me so much. Each week we work on my math’s skills, helping me to perform better in class and with my assessment. Tutoring helps me to understand everything I learn in school and ensures that I never need to stress over my math’s assignments and exams."

-Jamee, Year 10

"My daughter has received Mathematics tuition through Academix for over 12 months. In that time my daughter has grown in confidence with her maths and has gained much better results in all areas. Andrea, her tutor, has always taken a very personalised approach to the needs of the student . She is up to date with the current curriculum, sets challenges as required and has fostered a good working relationship with my daughter. She also tries to be as flexible as possible, when session changes need to be made. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Academix to anyone looking for a very personalised style of tuition."

-Ros, Rochedale

"I love tutoring it is so much fun and my tutor is so funny and I learned so much!"

-Lara, Year 4

"I have been getting tutored for almost 2 years now with Academix and can confidently say that it has taken my mathematics skills to a whole new level. I always leave my sessions feeling more confident and comfortable with the content I was struggling with. 100% recommend to other students!"

-Mikayla, Year 11

"I am happy to recommend Academix to parents considering tutoring for students. Andrea is an exceptional, patient and reliable tutor who has achieved consistently good results, particularly in maths. I have heard similar feedback about other Academix tutors."

-Garry, Coorparoo

"I've been with Academix for the past 6 months, tutoring children from grades 2 to 12. The students are eager to do well, and it's rewarding to help them learn and to reach their potential. The pay is good and the hours are flexible, so it's easy to fit around uni. Plus my students live locally and the travel time is negligible. Andrea is great to work for because she's organised, provides excellent resources and is always approachable. She values her staff and makes you feel like part of the team. I'd recommend Academix to anyone who enjoys working with people and is passionate about learning!"

-Michael, Academix Tutor

"I enjoy tutoring because it always leaves me feeling confidant and relaxed about my abilities."

-Grace, Year 12

"I like doing tutoring because I learn alot and I have a nice tutor and I have been doing well on my report card."

-Balika, Year 5

"I like doing tutoring because it gives me a better understanding in maths. My tutor has helped me improve my grades a lot and I am very thankful for that."

-Mikayla, Year 9


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