Vision Statement

Our vision as a company is to be renowned for our adaptive professional educators who work to help students of all levels achieve their potential

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Provide supplementary, content-based education focused on the student’s skill level and unique method of learning
  • Enable students to overcome mental barriers which prevent them from enjoying learning
  • Inspire students to want to learn and engage with their journey of life long learning
  • Assist students to develop critical thinking, problem solving and independent learning skills which are invaluable to their future

Academix was originally founded by Andrea Cave in 2014. Andrea began by tutoring the students of friends and family in 2009. She found that student’s need for assistance with their education outweighed the time she had available to provide it and so she began recruiting like-minded individuals to help students in need and thus Academix was born.

Academix has continued to grow and expand as a business ever since. Most recently, through the introduction of tutoring services, Academix caters to students of the wider Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne areas.

Providing a high standard of service is a commitment Academix makes to it's students. Only the highest quality tutors are selected to work as a part of our team. All Academix tutors hold a current blue card and have passed through a rigorous 3-stage selection process. Following this, each tutor is thoroughly trained in the values and practices that we employ at Academix.

We believe in utilizing a mix of conventional and contemporary teaching strategies while also accommodating for each student’s individual learning style to provide the best educational support possible. You can rest assured that by the time our tutors arrive at your door they are well and truly prepared to provide a tailored tutoring solution for your needs.

We’re also passionate about providing affordable tutoring opportunities for all students. As such, we offer a variety of tutoring options to ensure there is something to meet each student’s needs and educational support is accessible to all students.

At Academix we hold the wellbeing of our students above all else. We understand how stressful it can be for a student to manage their school workload alongside extracurricular activities. With this in mind, we feel that it is important for students to understand that while their education is of the utmost importance, maintaining a balance with some fun and relaxation each day is equally important.

This idea is something our tutors strive to bring to each session by making the learning experience fun while also teaching students new skills and getting the work done. Our collective goal at Academix is to inspire students to want to learn and embrace their journey of life long learning.